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Access Signage is an authorized Reseller/Developer for Signagelive. Signagelive is a private company and a world leader in cloud-powered media delivery solutions, providing a platform that runs even the largest networks reliably, efficiently and cost-effectively. Signagelive’s North American office is based in Chicago IL and the UK (and head office) is based near Cambridge.

Signagelive’s platform allows you to deliver rich media to virtually any device. It’s not just about the screens on the wall: from shelf-edge displays to video walls to the screen saver on the computer you’re reading this on, Signagelive unlocks affordable messaging solutions across industries and applications.

Hardware Agnostic We don’t dictate what you have to use to power your displays. Signagelive have certified dozens of boxes and add new ones all the time. PC’s Android, screensaver, you name it.

Simple, but Scalable Drag and Drop in your web browser, no installation needed. Live video? Check. Video walls? Check. Multi-thousand endpoint, geographically distributed network with a mix of media players, file formats, HR and corporate messaging with dozens of administrators? Check, check, check, check, check, check….. and check.

Cloud-Based All you need is a display, media player, and an internet connection; we take care of the rest. On-premise servers, lengthy installation and complicated licensing agreements are a thing of the past.

Automate Content? We feel your pain: you don’t have the time or the money to hire an agency to create content for you. That’s why Signagelive works with some of the best content delivery companies in the industry. News, sports, weather, and entertainment are available, as well as Facebook and other apps.

Use Existing Desktops With Signagelive Screensaver and Corporate Communication Editions you can use any existing PC to deliver your message. Every time the PC goes into screensaver mode is an opportunity to message: Post important HR messages about health benefits; Show reminders on safety training; Show the companies Facebook or Twitter feed. Anything you can do with a screen on the wall, you can do on your company desktops.

Choose Your Own Hardware Signagelive can run on a standard Windows-powered PC but did you know that we also certify solid-state media players as well? Looking for HTML5-driven content? Try IAdea. 1080p video playback? BrightSign.

Drag and Drop Manage your network from anywhere, anytime, using any browser. Simply upload assets such as images, videos, live TV and web pages, drag them into a playlist and publish all via the cloud. You can also publish content by utilizing meta-data, allowing automatic distribution by region, language, income levels, or anything else you can think of.



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